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The Lower East side

The legacy of Jewish life can be felt and seen all around the neighborhood.
Come get a taste of it all

History was made here

What it was then, Waht it is today

1.5 Hours | $55 Per Person | Lower East Side

Millions of Jewish immigrants arrived in New York City since the mid 19th century and made it their home. Jewish life has since left a significant mark on the physical and social landscape of the New York, and no other neighborhood shows it better than the Lower East Side. The largest Jewish community in the world at one point, Jews here left a legacy of social change, charity institutions, literature, art, and of course, delicious food.

Our tour will explore how these elements of culture remain in the streets, local stories, in the buildings and still in current daily life. 

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The streets of the Lower East Side are loaded with stories of individuals and cultural groups. Until today, the neighborhood is one of the most diverse areas of Manhattan.

Everything Pickled
Interesting Historical Figures

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