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The 2024 Expedition

Join a program of monthly tours exploring New York City like a pro.
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Discover New york City

Get to (Really) know New York.

Monthly Tours | $550 Per Year | Manhattan / Brooklyn

Join a tour once a month on Saturdays, for twelve months, for the cost of 10 tours.

Our expedition program is meant for true lovers of New York City, who would like to expand their knowledge of the city, its history and cultural treasures. The expedition is more than just a series of stand alone city tours. It is an opportunity to learn about the city alongside a small group of fellow urban explorers.

Every tour on the twelve months program will explore a different part of Manhattan, as well as some parts of Brooklyn. We will see art in museums and galleries, walk down history-rich streets and visit significant city landmarks. By the time we’re done, you’ll know the answer to New York trivia like Yankees fans know team players names.

Every expedition team is limited to 10 participants. Join now!

INTERESTED in Joining our next expedition? Write to us and we’ll be in touch:


How much do you actually know New York City? We will learn a lot about it, but also track the strong undercurrents that keep shaping it every day. We will learn to read the streets like a text, listen to the music created by its sounds and find the right spots to feel the pulse of the city.

Art, History, Culture
City Oddities

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